Myths and Facts about LASIK


2Myth – LASIK is very painfulFact 

Fact– First of all LASIK eye surgery is painless. Before the surgery the person is given anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye during the procedure. After the procedure, patient might feel bit discomfort such in the eye for a few hours. But it happens only to a few people.

Myth – You can go blind after the surgery

Fact – LASIK surgery affects the front surface of the eye and no one has gone blind from LASIK Surgery.

Myth – LASIK can correct only nearsightedness, it cannot correct farsightedness or astigmatism.

Fact–But it is not the case. LASIK surgery can correct all the common vision problems nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. If you are facing serious refractive errors then other refractive surgery can correct it.

Myth –You need not require to wear spectacles after LASIK surgery

Fact – After crossing a certain age, your eyes get affected to common aging problem which might need specs. Also the LASIK surgery doesn’t stop aging problems so that might need you to wear glasses while reading or driving at night.

Myth – LASIK burns the cornea Fact 

Fact-In all surgeries including LASIK, use cold lasers that does not use heat energy and hence doesn’t burn the surface of the eye.

Myth – LASIK is new and its long term effect and complications are not known

Fact – LASIK was first performed 20 years ago in 1989. Since then, many peer-reviewed publications have shown excellent safety, efficiency and stability results for eyes up to 10 years after LASIK.

Myth -A person who has undergone LASIK cannot wear contact lens.

Fact – Patients mostly don’t require the use of contact lenses after LASIK. Sometimes if needed, for cosmetic purpose, patients who had previously worn contact lenses comfortably prior to surgery, will generally be able to do so again. But at initial stage, it may take some time to get used to wearing lenses for long period of time.

There is no complication in LASIK Surgery. In case, if there is any doubt contact your eye surgeon today.