Lasik and Refractive Surgery

For those who do not want to wake up in the morning searching for their pair of thick fat glasses, and want to enjoy every bit of life without any fear of the glasses flying away…We have LASIK as an answer. LASIK at Mumbai Eye Care, Cornea and Lasik Centre is just like a feature touch and go procedure. Patients who want LASIK need to undergo some tests such as corneal topography and pachymetry to know if they are suitable for LASIK.

"Wavefront and Topoguided LASIK" - At Mumbai Eye Care, Cornea and LASIK Centre we understand that each eye is different. Its not just about correcting your sphere and cylinder number in your glasses, but going beyond that to provide you with the supervision that you deserve. We take into account the corneal shape and corneal aberrations when we perform the customized LASIK. Corneal wavefront measurement gives us idea about the various aberrations in your eyes, while topography gives us the structural details of your cornea. A correction based on these values will help you achieve not just good visual acuity but enjoy a good visual quality. So when you see your doctor for LASIK, ask for Customized LASIK.

"FEMTOSECOND LASIK"  - When it comes to precision in making the flap for LASIK, why compromise and take a chance by going for the blade LASIK? Now we have femtosecond LASIK..a new technology that has precision up to each micron level… a all laser LASIK procedure. Now with the femtosecond LASIK we have highest precision for the flap, least collateral damage, improved patient comfort and ability to allow more customization of the flap. So when you see your doctor for LASIK, ask for Femtosecond LASIK.

"PRK/ Phototherapeutic Keratectomy" - It's also known as advanced surface ablation is again a flap free procedure that does not require any flap to be made in the cornea. The procedure gives results as good as LASIK. For all those who have low to moderate myopia and borderline corneal thickness, PRK is the best option.

"Implantable Collamer Lens /ICL" are the answer for those who have very high myopia/ very thin cornea for which LASIK is not an option. ICL is a simple procedure; to simply put it…it is permanently implanting a contact lens in your eyes. When LASIK is not possible ask us about ICL for your eyes.