At Mumbai Eye Care, we believe in being with the time... We use Alcon Centurion Vision System from Alcon, USA for performing cataract surgery. This is the latest generation phacoemulsification machine that uses the most advanced form of ACTIVE FLUIDICS to maintain near normal parameters of the eye throughout the surgery, thus improving the outcomes. 

We offer our patients variety of lens options during cataract surgery to improve their quality of vision for distance activities such as driving, watching television, near activities such as reading or working on their mobile and intermediate activities such as working on the computer.

We are among few centres where patients are undergo a through pre- operative check up to understand their suitability for Multifocal lenses such as Bifocal and Trifocal lenses using our specailized investigations such as the OPD scan, Topographer, Al- scan and OCT. 

We provide a customized solution to our patients needs that is guided by science and substantiated by evidence based investigations. 

"Phacoemulsification" - Gone are the days when cataract surgery was about large incision that required many sutures and rest for many days. With the modern technology, we perform cataract surgery using a small probe that emulsifies the cataract into small pieces so that it can be removed from a small incision. This technique is called phacoemulsification. There is no need to put sutures, no injection, no pain, no rest required for surgery.

"MICS" - With the advent in technology of cataract surgery, we now perform the surgery from an incision that is as small as less than 2.2 mm. This technique is called MICS (Micro incision cataract surgery). It gives you advantage of least possible astigmatism or cylindrical number due to the cataract surgery.

"Customized Cataract Surgery" - At Mumbai Eye Care, Cornea and Lasik Centre we understand that needs of every person are different. Cataract surgery here is customized for every person. For those who have preexisting corneal astigmatism, we have option of Toric IOL. When one does not want to wear glasses for near after cataract surgery, we have option of Multifocal IOL. Ask for customized cataract surgery to your doctor.